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Apples, Autumn, Desserts, Recipes

Irresistible Apple Desserts

I think apples are one of the best foods around. You can do so much with them, making a variety of recipes to please your family. This time of year, apples are abundant with so many varieties that you might have a hard time choosing which ones to try out. Do your homework. Go online to learn more about the…

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Autumn, Recipes

30 Fresh Fall Apple Recipes

Earlier, I shared the best apples to use for recipes. Well, here are some recipes so you can tryout those wonderful apples. Mmm, can’t wait to try the slow cooker apple butter in the photo above! Apple Recipes

Apples, Autumn, Recipes

12 Great Apples for Baking

Apples are so much a part of Autumn. Their crisp texture & tart flavor make them the perfect ingredient for so many recipes. However, which apple do you use for which recipe?  Midwest Living offers 12 apples to use in your baking recipes, allowing you to pick the perfect one each & every time. Perfect Apples