Meet Jean Ann Duckworth

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In 1987, Jean Ann Duckworth had become discouraged with her job as a Merchandise Manager for JCPenney. So she did what any young woman would do. She resigned her position & enlisted in the United States Navy where she served 4 years years as a diesel mechanic. Jean Ann was 31 years old, married for 7 years & the mother of a 4 year old daughter.

Following her time in the Navy, Jean Ann worked at the Defense Fuel Facility in San Pedro, CA where she gauged fuel tanks, operated valves & loaded big rig trucks with jet fuel for delivery to military bases throughout Southern CA. She was the only woman at the facility in this position. At the same time, Jean Ann was attending Fuller Theological Seminary completing her graduate studies. Jean Ann has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Communications & a Master of Divinity from Fuller.

Jean Ann is the author of 9 books & publisher of over 30 titles. Jean Ann is the founder & Executive Director of Simple Joy, providing information & ministry to help women improve the quality of their lives. Jean Ann can be heard online in 5 Minutes of Simple Joy podcast & seen in 5 in Less than 5 video series. ‚Äč Jean Ann & her wonderful (and patient) husband, Terry have now been married for 33 years and their once 4 year old daughter, Katy is now a 31 year old costume designer & constructor.

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