SSJ Director Training Preface Part 5: Celebration Themes Hosting an In-home Bible Study Celebration Themes Part 5

As I said before, I believe each of your gatherings should be a celebration. This doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with it. Remember, if you do something too big & elaborate, how are your going to top it the next month? No, keep your stress level down by keeping it simple but fun. I shop at the dollar stores when I entertain, looking for seasonal or fun things I can use for my gatherings. Also, keep your eye out for things that may inspire an idea for a future event. Once while standing in line at Joann’s, I saw rubber ducks wearing crowns. Of course I needed to pick some up!

Make your celebrations more fun when a theme is given to each. Use themes to decorate tables, choose food/snacks & select a craft or activity for the kids & members. Themes can be repeated, adapted, make it work for you. Crafts and activity materials can be found at Dollar Tree or any other dollar store. Table decorations can also be bought at the dollar store. Be creative with very little money spent.

Autumn: Use apples, pumpkins, pears for the menu. Discuss the changing season & change in life.

Gratitude: Use Thanksgiving as a theme. Discuss gratitude.

Christmas: I think you know what to do!

Renewal: Discover ways to renew your mind, body, spirit.

Relationships: Discuss the power of relationships. Use hearts for your theme.

Jammie Party: Invite everyone to wear their jammies to your gathering.

Princess Party: The ideas for this one are limitless!