SSJ Director Training Preface Part 4: Celebration Roles

Hosting an In-home Bible Study Part 4 Celebration Roles

I believe we should celebrate every time we gather to study the Word of God & pray with one another. I believe spending time with our Sisters in Christ & with the Lord is a cause for tremendous joy. We should never say, “I HAVE to go to Bible study today!” We should be saying “I GET to go to Bible study today!”

To help your group create a celebration for each of your gatherings, I offer a list of the different roles or tasks members might do for that one meeting. These roles change from person to person each meeting so no one feels overwhelmed by their task. This also ensures the group leader doesn’t end up doing all the work herself. Remember, when the first church started growing rapidly, Pater & the other leaders saw they couldn’t run the church & minister to the people effectively. Both were being somewhat neglected. So the church leaders appointed deacons to minister to the needs of the people. Share the work so your gatherings are always a celebration & never a burden!

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Changes each meeting Hostess: The meeting is held at the home of the hostess. The group leader doesn’t have to serve as hostess at every meeting;

Food Coordinator: Contacts each member of the group to determine the specific items being brought by each member;

Study Leader: Leads the discussion for the week. At first, the group leader leads the lesson but others should take turns as the group goes along;

Crafts Coordinator: Provides materials & instructions for the crafts being done by group members and/or kids (I think it’s important to do a craft or project, at least occasionally);

Childcare Coordinator: Contacts each member to determine how many children are attending, then arranges individuals to care for the kids in the home of the hostess and help kids with the craft project.