Choose from one of the programs below. Each presentation includes handout materials & discussion time so women may share thoughts & ideas with one another.

Quiet! Mommy’s Packing for Her Guilt Trip!

We burden ourselves with so much baggage as we travel along our guilt trip. During this presentation, Jean Ann discusses the items we pack for the journey. She then goes on to show the audience how to identify the true route of their journey. Jean Ann finally shares tips to help women get back on the right path, traveling in a more positive direction.

Quiet! Mommy is Making a Stress Stop!

Stress is such a dominant part of our lives, increasing our sense of guilt & fear. In this presentation, Jean Ann explains the relationship between stress, Joy & the Holy Spirit. She then goes on to identify the obstacles preventing us from living a life of joy and the ways to overcome those obstacles.

Quiet! Mommy is Taking a Detour!

Like it or not, change is a part of life. Too often, we overreact when change does occur or we sit by doing nothing as our circumstances proceed to overpower us. Jean Ann offers a more positive approach to change, suggests ways to gain more control over it & shares tips to allow women to get back on the road to a joyful life once again.

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