Empowered to Lead

5 Proven Steps to Mentor New Leaders: Introduction

  Jesus was a leader & a mentor. In fact, He was a great trainer & mentor. He took an eclectic group of men & trained them, not only to continue the ministry He began but develop it into a long lasting, thriving organization that continues today. This was not easy. The group was not just eclectic, they were, well,…

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Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

The Problem with Guilt Part 3: We Overreact

  Let’s review: we say we feel guilty. Our brains process guilt with doing something wrong. If we have done something wrong, then we must work to make it right. Unfortunately, we haven’t REALLY done anything wrong so we find it’s impossible to make things right. Out of frustration, we simply try harder. And that is when we overreact.


Fresh Peach Recipes

Southern Living seems to LOVE peaches almost as much as I do! I remember going to the large open air market each summer so my grandmother, The Infamous LenaB. could buy peaches. We had them for breakfast. We enjoyed them for snacks. And Lena B. made fabulous peach preserves & peach fried pies. Oh, dear! I think I need a…

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