A Woman Empowered by God

Simple Joy Women’s Ministry is based on the belief that all Christians are called by God to fulfill a unique role. We struggle often to recognize the fact we are called, to identify our call & then determine ways to fulfill it.

Our call may be used in the church, in the world or both. Our call may require specialized training or we might be able to begin immediately with what we have.

We believe we have an obligation to answer & fulfill our call. The Apostle Paul compared Christians to a human body, explaining how each part is unique from all the others, having a specific job to perform. He also showed us that the body only functions properly when ALL the parts do the tasks required of them. We too have a obligation to do the tasks required of us since no one else is able to do them in the exact same way.

Simple Joy Women’s Ministry is prepared to help women across the country identify their call & fulfill it with joy. We are sharing posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, articles, books & more to make the journey less stressful & more joyful.

The burden is light when we all fulfill our roles. Let us show you how to begin.