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10 DIY Projects to Finish before Fall

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I know summer is still here & you are struggling just to get ready for BTS. However, Autumn is coming & right behind it is WINTER! Now is the time to begin preparing for the cold months ahead. How many times have you put off projects only to have the first cold snap hit, causing you to run around trying to protect your plants, change the furnace filter, etc. This year, work smarter, not harder by preparing ahead of time. Co an inspection of your home then sit down NOW, creating a list of all the things you want to accomplish before the cold weather hits. Even here in SoCal, we have to prepare for the rains that come in the winter. By making your list in August, you can begin chipping away at those tasks little by little rather than having to rush to do them all at once or, even worse, leaving them for another year.

To help you get started, Good Housekeeping has put together a list of 10 projects you should consider completing before cold weather arrives. Now, make your list. You can thank me later!

10 DIY Projects to Finish before Fall

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